Distortion Till You Vomit (brokenxbones) wrote,
Distortion Till You Vomit

computer lab part 2.

im in the computer lab again..weee.. i had a pretty crappy morning. i woke up normal. got in the shower normal. then i went to get my clothes i had put in the dryer the night before. turns out someone shut it off. so my clothes were wet. i look white trash today. then i went to brush my teeth, and someone had thrown my toothbrush away. i hate my family sometimes. other than that, i had a pretty good weekend. dinner with jess on friday. babysitting with jess on saturday. and dinner at my brother in laws with jess on sunday. it was all fun. oh well i gotta go. here comes ms kay, the freaky weird old grandma looking lady who cant put her lipstick on right. ill talk to you later. bye<3
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