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Home..sweet fucking hot home.

just got home from San Diego about..30 minutes ago. it was alright. boring mostly, and everyone was always getting drunk/high. except me. haha. we all just hang out in the hotel most of the time, occasionally getting lost in the streets of SD looking for some food. i really missed everyone at home. :( especially jessica, val, and wade. we went to mission beach, and while everyone was fucking around in the water..i walked about 3 miles to taang records. it was a rather boring walk, but i think it was worth it. i got a riistetyt 12" and broken Bones - Dem Bones/decapitated on CD. woo! i went to the liquor mart alot, and got snacks and drinks. i drank alot of soda. oh yea, and i spent alot of money. then day before i left i went back to taang so i could get jessica a present. <3 i hope she enjoys it. :) im really tired. i slept most of the way home, but im still tired, and im smelly, i havent showered in a while. :X well, that was my week in a nutshell. now im off to shower and possibly go to vals to hang with her and jessica. have a nice night. <3

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