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Sex Sex..Violence.

so tonight..me, jessica, wade, val, drew and blake went to the LCB show. it was pretty bitchin'. we hung out with paul and josh there, you know. i had a lot of fun. i sang almost every song, except 'just like clockwork' and 'standard issue' because i didnt know them. it was so fucking hot. Jugheads has no air conditioner. so when we came out, there was not one body part not soaked in sweat. after the show we all went to jack in the box, and ate lots of food.. i like food. alot. im really glad decided to come along. she makes everything way better than it already is <3 so then we all got dropped off, and we all went our seperate ways. now im home, and im talking to jess on the phone. the perfect way to end a good night<3 well, im outta here. have a nice night. bye

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